Chanmel - Garden Specialist

Chanmel is committed to enhance the attraction, charm and worth of the South African landscape one garden at a time. We offer you peace of mind and the quality assurance that stands behind each and every Chanmel plant.

From novice to master level, gardeners prefer Chanmel and buy our plants with confidence, knowing all our plants are bred to thrive and flourish. They also count on us for exciting new varieties to make their garden landscapes true works of art.

We know gardeners are truly passionate about what they do, and we are equally passionate about introducing and growing distinctively better plants.

We call ourselves Craftsmen because the term refers to people who use their hearts, mind, and hands. Craftsmanship comes from treating each plant as a unique creation that needs care to become and remain Distinctively Better . Plants do not come off an assembly line, and our Craftsmen know their work continues until each plant is planted in the garden.